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T 8000 user report [Alois Berger Präzisionsteile GmbH, Ottobeuren factory]

Ulrich Ritter (li), Technischer Berater im Außendienst bei MKR, Peter Steiner (mi), Fertigungsleiter, und Wolfgang Schwaier, Abteilungsleiter Waschen und Späneaufbereitung bei Berger, sind mit ihrer MKR 8000 T voll zufrieden.
As much oil as possible is to be kept in circulation without interrupting the process. To achieve this, the oil must be cleaned to remove the swarf produced during turning. The solution is the 8000T centrifuge of MKR cleaning systems.
“Swarf treatment is a key system for us”, is how Peter Steiner, production manager in the Ottobeuren factory of Alois Berger Präzisionsteile GmbH, describes the production situation in his firm. “This is because we cannot afford any malfunctions, as we have to ensure swarf disposal for continuous 3-shift operation.” We cannot take the risk of failure of the hydro polar unit, a swarf centrifuge made by Steinel. “The old system was technically at the end of its usefulness”, was the reason given by Wolfgang Schwaier, head of washing and swarf treatment department at Berger, for the design of a new system. “It was no longer able to handle the swarf quantities and the returned oil was too highly soiled.” This was also because the system operated with only one filter nonwoven. 8000 T- Anwenderbericht Fa. Berger.pdf