Drum Centrifuges


Where which centrifuge cleaning system is more suitable, essentially depends on the quantity of solid particles in the liquid to be cleaned. Drum separators that collect solids can hold up to 5-10 kg sludge maximum. They then have to be cleaned manually. If this cleaning interval cannot be met, MKR recommends use of self-sludge removal systems.

The two/three-phase drum separator:

This can be used to remove solids from emulsions with a high solids fraction in continuous operation. Centrifugal force ensures that the solids settle in the sludge insert. It
is possible to choose between separators that collect solids and self-sludge removal separators. In the third phase, tramp oil is removed.

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The sludge insert:

The sludge insert of the drum separator holds up to 5 litres of almost dry sludge. The insert can be changed quickly and, thanks to the quick-release fasteners, it can be cleaned easily.