Equipment for water recycling? Many business still think such systems are at most “nice-to-have.” yet the facts and fi gures and greater environmental awareness say something else: Nowadays, water recycling is an absolute “must have.”

Clean water is increasingly becoming a scarce and thus a valuable asset. The same naturally also applies to all kinds of liquids necessary for industrial production processes. For three decades, MKR has enabled intelligent handling of process media. Our company offers modular problem solutions for the ecological and economic optimisation of production cycles. MKR systems recycle ally kinds of process media. Cleaning and treatment makes them recoverable and reusable – a cycle results, which ensures more productivity and effectiveness. Positive for your profi t and loss account and for your environmental balance. With our expert advice for an intelligent, customised recycling solution, you can save energy, work and cash and increase the productivity and effectiveness of your company signifi cantly. We would be pleased to contact you in person, if you have any questions, need a quotation or other information!