Why MKR?


Increase productivity, save costs

MKR machines enable optimum productivity with low energy consumption. You even save valuable work time and spare your employees to boot. The quick and simple handling of the machines also contributes to the effectiveness.


Save repair costs

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by the durability of our products and their low repair requirements. We place great importance on quick and simple maintenance.


Utilise latest technologies

MKR machines work with the latest technologies. MKR technology is unique in the "Evaporators" sector, and is superior to the competition.


Save resources and energy

MKR machines have low energy requirements on the market as well as high distillate quality. So, you save hard cash and do something good for the environment at the same time.


Benefit from expert advice

Take advantage of competent, intelligent advice plus services from A to Z. Last but not least, our advisors have outstanding expertise thanks to their many years of experience.


Obtain customised solutions

We have the solution for any problem. You obtain an intelligent, effective solution, tailored and targeted to your requirements.