MKR Metzger Wirtschaftlichkeit - Weniger Entsorgungskosten bedeuten mehr Rendite

Lower disposal costs mean greater return
With our MKR systems you save costs, effort, time and energy

Our machines enable significant savings in overall costs as well as a marked increase in productivity for your company.

Contamination of process media through foreign oils, ultra-fine particles and micro-organisms restrict the operating time of industrial production systems, in some cases significantly. MKR recycling systems effectively eliminate such disruptive factors by means of filtration, separating and treatment systems. This ensures that cooling lubricant, cutting oils, washing liquids and other process media can continue to be used for significantly longer. This means: Fewer (disposal) costs and more return.

Investments in the cleaning and reconditioning of process media pays off in many ways. This allows more than just cost savings for energy, materials, labour costs and disposal. The integrated recycling of process media also ensures consistently high quality and more efficiency in production.

Our company offers modular problem solutions for ecological and economical optimisation of production circuits with liquid requirements.  The consistent re-use of process media with the expertise and systems from MKR Metzger will generate the maximum economical and ecological advantages for your company. This means real sustainability – in the interests of future-proofing your company and also in the context of protecting resources and the environment.