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Centrifuge for cleaning oil

Der „Landeplatz” an der Anlage 2: Hier lässt sich gut die Transportschnecke erkennen, die den trockenen Schleischlamm in den Kübel befördert.
When grinding turbine parts, the tiny grinding swarf must be separated out of the oil. They get caught on and block the pipes. The employees of MTU Aero Engines use an 8000T centrifuge of MKR cleaning systems, which enables permanent cleaning of the grinding oil – permanently flange mounted and yet alternately for two grinding centres.
“Our problem is the ultra-fine sludge”, is how Dipl.- Ing. (FH) Otto Attenberger, who is responsible for the procurement of production facilities at MTU, describes the situation with the grinding machines in the Munich factory. “The sludge is formed from tiny grinding swarf and over time it blocks the pipes and settles in the machine’s working chamber and on the bottom of the filter tank.” “When we only worked with corundum wheels”, said Attenberger, “the problem didn’t arise, because the swarf was larger and could be filtered out easily.” But the production situation changed. The turbine parts made of nickel-based alloy for the engines of the large Airbus 3 A380 require the grinding of intricate grooves and webs, for which the corundum wheels are simply too coarse. This is why strengthened grinding wheels with CBN coating are now used, and they “produce” smaller, finer swarf, which in turn thickens the oil. What should be done? 8000 T- Anwenderbericht Fa. MTU.pdf