Save costs through evaporation and recycling of water

Sep 4, 2019 The costs of wastewater simply evaporate (Marbach/Monheim) Cleaning wastewater is no longer collected but instead is treated and largely reused. This not only saves plenty of water and substantial CO2 emissions by removing the need for truck journeys, but also saves a mid-range five-figure sum each year.
“We were initially unable to imagine that the costs effect would be so large after changing to evaporator technology”, reported Anton Kraus, technical director at Benseler Entgratungen in Marbach am Neckar. The costs for collection and disposal of cleaning wastewater dropped by around 40,000 euros in the first year after setting up am MKR Metzger evaporator. 90 percent of the 80 m3 used cleaning media previously removed from site can now be returned to the process cycle as treated water. Less storage capacity with corresponding safety precautions and numerous truck journeys saved are also good for space requirements and the environment. Kosten von Abwasser senken durch Verdampfen.pdf