Efficient tramp oil separator for Eloxal Pühl

MKR Metzger - Fremdölabscheider TB 250
Der mobil oder stationär einsetzbare Fremdölabscheider TB 250 von MKR Metzger arbeitet nach dem Koaleszenzprinzip. Bei einer Durchsatzleistung von 250 l pro Stunde lassen sich Fremdöle aus Waschmedien oder Kühlschmierstoffen wirkungsvoll abscheiden.
MKR Metzger GmbH in Monheim has an efficient tramp oil separator in its product range. The TB 250 basic unit, which can be used as a mobile or stationary solution, operates according to the coalescence principle. The compact machine cleans the process media by removing tramp oils in bypass mode while the machine is running.
With our TB 250 and TB 250 VA tramp oil separators, users achieve significantly longer service lives for their process media and tools”, emphasised Achim Meyer, technical consultant at MKR Metzger. The tramp oil separators, which can be used as a mobile or stationary solution, operate with low energy use according to the coalescence principle. With a throughput capacity of 250 l per hour, tramp oils can be separated from washing media or metalworking fluids effectively. They cause energy costs of only 26 cent per shift. The separation effect of medium and tramp oil can be set exactly by mechanical means. Pressemitteilung TB 250.pdf