COHLINE focuses on sustainability with ET 50 evaporator system from MKR-Metzger

Apr 4, 2023

COHLINE is a leading manufacturer of pipe and hose line systems for the global automotive industry with more than 900 employees and production sites in Germany, Romania, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. The company focuses on sustainability and has therefore decided to purchase an ET 50, for the evaporation of process liquids, from MKR-Metzger.

Before the ET 50 evaporator was purchased, there were two different process water streams in COHLINE Dillenburg's production, which were collected in tanks and picked up by disposal companies. By acquiring the ET 50, the company can recycle these wastewater streams and thus save costs. The company's own disposal has the further advantage that long transport routes are no longer necessary and thus CO2 is specifically saved. In addition, COHLINE is now able to reuse the treated water. This also has a positive effect on the issue of sustainability and on targeted cost savings.

The commissioning in autumn 2022 went smoothly and the first impression can be considered very positive. The entire project benefited from a cooperative partnership between COHLINE and MKR-Metzger. A period of approx. 3 years is planned for the amortisation of the acquisition costs of the ET 50 evaporator plant.

The ET 50 evaporator from MKR-Metzger is a high-quality system that can be used for the evaporation of liquids such as water, acids and alkalis. The company from Monheim is known for its innovative solutions in the field of water treatment and has realised numerous successful projects in the past. MKR-Metzger has an experienced team of engineers and technicians who are able to develop customised systems that meet the individual requirements of the customers.

Overall, this partnership project shows how important it is to pay attention to sustainability and quality when selecting plants. Companies like COHLINE that opt for innovative solutions in the field of water treatment help to protect the environment and save costs at the same time. Evaporators from MKR-Metzger are an ideal choice for companies looking for a reliable and efficient solution for the treatment of wastewater.

Photo: Successful partnership at eye level: Sales manager Gisbert Kieser (MKR-Metzger GmbH) together with Jens Wallulli (COHLINE GmbH) in front of the ET 50 evaporator system from MKR-Metzger.

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