Climate-neutral water treatment: Emuclean sets new standards with innovative evaporator system from MKR-Metzger

Apr 24, 2023

With the highest standards of quality and sustainability, the company Emuclean GmbH from Viernheim has made a name for itself as a reliable partner in the field of wastewater treatment. Through close cooperation with companies such as MKR-Metzger, Emuclean has succeeded in developing groundbreaking solutions to the challenges of dealing with resources and environmental protection.

In cooperation with the Emuclean company, MKR-Metzger has developed a system that represents a technical innovation and is unparalleled throughout Europe. The evaporator system is a milestone in water treatment and sets new standards in the use of the resources available to us.

The growing awareness of the need for sustainable use of important raw materials and energy sources is leading many companies to rethink their approach. In this context, Emuclean and MKR-Metzger have commissioned a plant that is unique on the market. Thanks to a modern, multifunctional pre-treatment system and a two-line evaporator system, up to 30,000 m³ of a wide variety of industrial waste water can be treated in a climate-neutral manner per year.

In the specially built 4,000 m² hall, the two ET 1750 evaporator units are the heart of the plant. They are able to treat wastewater in a very gentle and efficient way. The wastewater is evaporated under atmospheric pressure and compressed by mechanical vapour recompression. This leads to the continuous reuse of the energy contained in the steam. The forced overflow plate heat exchanger of the evaporator and the consistent use of the heat of the distillate, thus enable a process with the lowest energy consumption in the industry comparison. Thanks to the aforementioned pre-treatment, consisting of a combination of chemical-physical treatment, filtration and pH regulation, not only standard waste water from the mechanical engineering, automotive or aerospace industries can be treated, but also waste water from the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries, among others.

The special feature of the entire plant in Viernheim is its climate neutrality. Thus, only energy from renewable sources is used for water treatment and no additional energy from outside is required. It is thus not only environmentally friendly, but also a pioneering project from an economic point of view.

The evaporator plant is an important example of the innovative strength of German industry and shows how companies can contribute to solving global challenges with new technologies.

By the way, in our next report on this plant, which will be published in 4 weeks, we will present our patented EMaXx and show how it can reduce the concentrate by 90%. Look forward to more details about this great plant!

Picture: Fit for the future: Plant manager Steven Hauenstein (Emuclean GmbH) and sales manager Rene Schumann (MKR-Metzger GmbH) (from left to right) are proud of their innovative cooperation and solution for sustainable wastewater treatment.