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TB 250

Der mobil oder stationär einsetzbare Fremdölabscheider TB 250 von MKR Metzger arbeitet nach dem Koaleszenzprinzip. Bei einer Durchsatzleistung von 250 l pro Stunde lassen sich Fremdöle aus Waschmedien oder Kühlschmierstoffen wirkungsvoll abscheiden.

Performance characteristics

Output 250 - 450 l/h
Prefilter 350µm
Stainless steel lamination stack(coalescer)  
Self-priming pneumatic diaphragm pump  
No electrical connection necessary  
Controllable flow  


  • Extension of the visually good condition of the emulsion and odour improvement
  • Bypass cleaning without machine standstill
  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Short payback period


  • Extraction system Ø 100 mm, with telescope 65/100 stroke
  • Extraction system Ø 100 mm, with telescope 110/180 stroke
  • Free-floating extraction system
Article number 100486
Measurements and weight
Empty weight 65 kg
Length 1,000 mm
Width 560 mm
Height 1,000 mm
Suction power 4 - 7,5 l/min
Further values
Parts in contact with media manufactured in stainless steel No
Suction height 3 m
Max. temperature < 60 °C
pH value 5 - 9,5 pH